The Khayelitsha Paediatric Report for Dec 2014

A Paediatric Report is published regularly by MSF in Khayelitsha, which contains updates, information, and education related to paediatric HIV and TB.

The latest edition of The Report (Dec 2014) — available by clicking here — provides information about the latest draft of updates to the National Department of Health (NDoH) paediatric HIV guidelines, as well as a Children’s HIV Symposium on Mental Health and Neuro-development that recently took place in Cape Town, plus discusses ART coverage in children. It also shares results and lessons learned from the Pediatric Risk of Treatment Failure Program (PROTF).

Previous editions of the Khayelitsha Paediatric Report can be found in the Downloads Tree, accessible by hovering your cursor over ‘Resources’ on the Home Page and clicking on ‘Downloads’ followed by ‘Paediatric material’.

If you have any questions or comments about the Report, please contact the paediatrician in Khayelitsha, Jonathan Bernheimer, at