A training package and online course to support PMTCT activities

A multimedia campaign called “Because tomorrow needs her” (can be viewed here) was launched earlier this year that highlights the health needs of women around the world, attracting a great amount of international interest in the work MSF is doing to improve maternal and child health (MCH). Included in this launch was a chapter on PMTCT with a contribution by SAMU’s Helen Bygrave.

Although there have been some great achievements in the scale-up of PMTCT activities, particularly in high HIV burden countries in Southern Africa, there are still many places where HIV testing in pregnant women and provision of ART is not the norm, even when the HIV prevalence is high.

In order to support the implementation of PMTCT activities in MSF’s MCH programmes and to help strengthen PMTCT services in high prevalence settings, SAMU has developed an online PMTCT module for clinical staff not having previous experience with PMTCT. This module is comprised of 4 units that should take approximately four hours to complete, and can be done either alone or together with 3 other modules (HIV overview, ART, TB) that make up a larger HIV/TB online course. To apply for this online module and/or course, please click here.

Ideally the PMTCT module should be combined with a complementary one-day, face-to-face training that focuses on the practical implementation of the e-learning content. Such a training package is now available in the SAMU PMTCT Toolkit, which includes an agenda, 7 session plans, powerpoint presentations and exercise materials, in addition to a PMTCT counseling guide, flip chart and the 2014 MSF PMTCT guideline.

If you have comments or feedback on any of these materials, please e-mail helen.bygrave@joburg.msf.org.