Clinical Training in Myanmar (Nov 2015)

The SAMU Learning Unit supported a five-day clinical HIV/TB training course for an MSF OCG mission in Myanmar between 16 -20 November 2015. The 21 participants consisted of MSF and MoH doctors and nurses from Dawei region, which is just over 600 km southeast of the capital Yangon. Two MSF OCA doctors working in Kachin and Yangon also attended. It was the first course that the SAMU Learning Unit had done specifically for OCG, the result of a new collaboration between the respective learning units of OCG and OCB.

This clinical training course was a collaborative effort between SAMU and local Myanmar OCG staff, covering such important issues as opportunistic infections (e.g. Penicilliosis), chest x-ray interpretation, immune reconstitution (IRIS), liver disease, management of high viral loads, plus some topics specific to pediatrics. The course was enthusiastically received by an engaging group of clinicians keen to add to their consulting skills.