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A free online course in HIV/PMTCT/TB.

Project Description

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Thank you for expressing interest in this new HIV/TB online course, developed jointly by MSF’s Southern Africa Medical Unit (SAMU) and MSF Canada, and using the e-Campus platform managed by MSF’s Operational Centre Barcelona (OCBA).


Whilst this e-learning course may be of benefit to a variety of different people with an interest in furthering their knowledge of HIV and TB the primary target group for whom this training is designed is the clinician (ie consulting doctor, clinical officer, medical assistant, nurse) planning to consult in primary care HIV/TB clinics. The aim of this course is to provide a foundation of essential knowledge in HIV and TB.

As the course offers no hands-on exposure to actual patients the participant is unlikely, on completion, to be equipped immediately to consult independently in an HIV/TB clinic. The ideal support for the course is for participants to have some face-to-face discussions with more experienced clinicians during the course and then to have some form of supervision for the first month or so while starting to consult in a clinic.

Please note that we are continually developing this e-learning course as new protocols are developed and feedback comes to us from the users. The information that you give us in the feedback documents at the end of each module therefore is much valued in helping us the keep this course relevant to everyday clinical practice.


The course consists of four different interactive learning modules, detailed below. At the end of each one the participant completes a quiz and a feedback form, the successful completion of which results in the issuing of a certificate. It is estimated that it will take 28-36 hours to complete all the modules, including quizzes and evaluations


Module 1 – HIV overview

  • Orientation
  • HIV history and epidemiology
  • HIV natural evolution

Module 2 – ART module

  • Introduction to ART
  • Eligibility and choosing a 1st line regimen
  • ART side-effects and their management
  • Monitoring the patient before and after starting ART
  • Managing the patient with a high viral load
  • HIV-related drug interactions

Module 3 – PMTCT

  • Prevention of mother to child transmission
  • HIV counselling and testing in PMTCT
  • Providing ARVs to pregnant and breastfeeding mothers
  • Care of the exposed baby

Module 4 -TB

  • TB overview
  • TB the most common cause of morbidity and mortality in people living with HIV (PLHIV)
  • Diagnosing TB in PLHIV
  • Improving TB diagnosis in your setting
  • Reducing the burden of TB in PLHIV
  • TB treatment
  • Treatment challenges and monitoring treatment
  • Diagnosis of DR TB
  • MDR TB treatment challenges and monitoring
  • Preventing TB infection and development of active T
  • TB in children


There are three different ways to do this, depending on your internet capability.

  1. Directly online. This is the best way to do it as it accesses links to other documents as well as the quizzes and certification process
  2. Via a once-off download of the whole course. Quizzes and certification need to be completed online at the end of each module but require limited bandwidth to do so.
  3. Via an USB stick posted to your project. This is a vehicle made available to those in very remote settings with very limited access to the internet. In addition, unfortunately this option is available only to MSF staff. As in option 2 above, quizzes and certification also need to be completed online


If you wish to use options one or two above, please send an email to stating your interest in doing the course and you will be directed from there.

If you will need to have the USB stick posted to your project in the field, please send an email stating this to



Project Details

  • Date September 1, 2015
  • Tags ARV, HIV, PMTCT, TB
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