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HIV & TB Clinical Training: Basic Level E-training.

Project Description

Place of training: Anywhere with internet access

Duration: approx. 25 hours

Nber of participants: Unlimited, Individual access

Language: English (French modules will be available in 2016)

Application: Mail to or MSF SAMU website

Your local SAMU mission HIV/TB adviser (focal point) or the SAMU learning unit clinical coordinator at


This course, developed in partnership with MSF Canada, is currently available as a stand-alone training to anyone for their own self-study. As there is no hands-on exposure to actual patients it must be understood that, on completion, the participant will not be equipped to consult independently in an HIV/TB clinic. Clinical exposure, ideally in the form of supervised consultations in a TB/HIV clinic, is an essential prerequisite for equipping the participants with the skills necessary for independent consulting in an HIV/TB clinic.

By offering a web-based training:

  • We contribute to greater access to training opportunities for all staff – in the field or between missions, MSF or MoH and at any learning level.

  • We offer the opportunity for anyone with internet access and a computer to follow the training in their own time

  • We provide training resources that can be used as prerequisite or as support for other MSF trainings with HIV/TB component.

  • MSF and MoH clinical staff with little or no HIV knowledge/experience, who are planning to work in a setting where they will be providing clinical care to HIV positive patients. This can include doctors, clinical officers, physician assistants and nurses.

  • It is currently available in English. A French version is in the process of being completed in 2016

This basic HIV & TB clinical e-training, contributes to provide quality HIV and TB care within a resource limited context

At the end of the training, participants will have acquired the theoretical knowledge to engage, under supervision, the diagnose and the management of HIV/TB people common conditions encountered in Primary health care, using current evidence-based medicine within a resource limited context.

HIV Overview module

    • Unit 1:

HIV History and Epidemiology

ART Module (English or French)

    • Unit 1:

Introduction to ART

    • Unit 2:

Eligibility and Choosing 1st line regimen

    • Unit 3:

Part 1: Monitoring the Patient on ART

Part 2: Adherence, Resistance and Treatment


    • Unit 4:

Part 1: Introduction to ART Side Effects

Part 2: Common Side Effects

Part 3: Specific Drug Side Effects

    • Unit 5:

ART Drug Interactions

PMTCT Module (English or French)

    • Unit 1:

Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission

    • Unit 2:

HIV Counselling and Testing in PMTCT

    • Unit 3:

Providing ARVs to Pregnant and Breastfeeding Mothers

    • Unit 4:

Care of the Exposed Baby

TB Module (English or French)

    • Unit 1:

TB Overview

    • Unit 2:

Part 1: TB the most common cause of

morbidity and mortality in PLHIV

Part 2: Diagnosing TB in PLHIV

Part 3: Improving TB diagnosis and your


    • Unit 3:

Reducing the burden of TB in PLHIV

    • Unit 4:

Part 1: TB Treatment

Part 2: Treatment Challenges and Monitoring


    • Unit 5:

Part 1: Diagnosis of DR-TB

Part 2: MDR-TB Treatment, Challenges and


    • Unit 6:

Preventing TB infection and development of active TB

    • Unit 7:

TB in children

This e-Training involves approximately 25 hours of self-directed, computer-based theoretical learning.

Designed to accompany the MSF HIV / TB Clinical Guide, it includes explanations of the key concepts, video lectures, on-screen exercises and learning activities, supplementary documents, tools and references and patient case histories.

Project Details

  • Date February 1, 2016
  • Tags E-learning, HIV/TB, Training
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