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Project Description

An ‘HIV Late Presenter’ is someone who presents for the first time in the late stages of HIV infection, i.e. in clinical stage 4 and/or having a low CD4 count (e.g. <100 cells/µL).  Since this occurs surprisingly commonly, even still in settings with good access to antiretroviral therapy (ART), SAMU has created 2 documents to help clinicians manage ‘HIV Late Presenters’ in resource-limited settings:

  1. A guidance document that describes clinical assessment and diagnostics that can help to reduce morbidity and mortality, available in English et en Français
  2. A POSTER that summarizes optimal management, available in English et en Français

If you would like either of these translated into another language, please ask a SAMU team member.

Note that Cryptococcal Antigen (CrAg) testing has an important role in the management of those presenting with advanced HIV disease.  The following documents provide additional information on CrAg testing, including the newer lateral flow assay (LFA):

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