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Lessons learnt in Thyolo, Malawi, from implementing CAGs.

Project Description

Community ART Groups (CAGs) are a model for ART distribution, whereby groups of PLHIV rotate for clinic visits and drug refills at the clinic while dispensing drugs to their peers in the community and ensuring peer support.

Since 2012 the CAG model has been introduced as a pilot in Thyolo District. To date over 5,000 PLHIV have joined these community ART groups. The pilot has proved extremely successful with excellent adherence and retention rates and minimal defaulter rates as compared to the conventional ART programme outcomes. Additional evidence on viral load outcomes for CAG members and qualitative research with ART providers and patients on the effectiveness of CAG is being documented.

Download the report here: CAG.Toolkit.Malawi.2015.web.4.pdf

Project Details

  • Date August 22, 2015
  • Tags Project-specific material
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