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Neonatal ART Initiation-Khayelitsha.

Project Description

MSF in Khayelitsha has been running a pilot project on very early infant diagnosis, in partnership with Stellenbosch University. Since November 2014, we have been doing birth PCR tests on all HIV-exposed babies delivered at one primary care unit in Khayelitsha. Our positivity rate has been very low (<1%). However, we have found that the few HIV positive babies diagnosed at birth often come from very difficult socioeconomic backgrounds. Because of the high mortality and morbidity of HIV positive babies in the first three months of life, we have aimed to start these babies on ART on the same day as HIV diagnosis.

–          It has been possible most of the time. However,  some mothers have necessitated a lot of counseling to get on board with the baby’s antiretroviral therapy. Click here to access to our Neonatal treatment counselling model.

–          Furthermore, our experience on the ground has lead us to be involved in the development and simplification of South African national neonatal ART initiation guidelines that you can find here.

–          Part of this simplification process led us to help develop a dosage neonatal ART chart, available here.

Project Details

  • Date April 15, 2016
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