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Patient education and counselling for ART initiation.

Project Description

ART initiation is a key moment for patient education and counselling, to ensure PLHIV are supported in learning to adhere to their treatment and reach viral suppression.
Following tools can help you in setting up activities to support rapid ART initiation by providing patient knowledge on HIV and ART, as well as by working them through a number of adherence skills.

An overview of the intervention can be found in the Rapid ART initiation report , while tools to support this model can be found in the Rapid Initiation ART Toolkit Annexes and the Viral Load Toolkit Annex 7.
Note: for PMTCT more detailed tools can be found in the PMTCT patient education and counselling toolkit.

Project Details

  • Date March 7, 2016
  • Tags HIV, Patient education and counseling, PMTCT

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