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Sputum induction (SI) is safe, affordable and increases the diagnosis of paediatric TB.  Click on the video link to the left to see how to perform sputum induction on a child.  Some caveats include:

  • Salbutamol inhaler use prior to SI: Give 1-2 puffs (1 for children <3 years), wait 10 seconds, and repeat. The spacer device/mask should remain on for at least 10 seconds after the puff(s), in order to allow the child enough time to inhale the medication.
  • If the child is not old enough to spontaneously produce a specimen following use of the nebulizer, nasopharyngeal aspiration (NPA) should be performed with the child swaddled and in a supine position.
  • It is important to correctly measure the length of the tube prior to NPA, especially in young infants.
  • As with any medical procedure, the HCW needs to be properly trained and supervised.
  • Appropriate infection control measures are essential both during and following the SI procedure. The degree of sterilization that is required prior to reuse of nebulization materials is often debated, as this can be a challenge in resource-limited settings. Ask your SAMU focal point about which sterilization protocol is most suited to your setting. Remember that the benefit of SI must always outweigh any risk to a child suspected of having active TB disease.

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  • Date May 23, 2013
  • Tags Diagnosis, TB
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