Launch of updated HIV/TB E-Learning Course

Alexandra Meyer
for on 18/02/2019

In many countries where MSF works, rates of HIV and TB incidence are high. As someone working in these contexts, even a basic understanding would be valuable to your work.  

MSF’s revised HIV/TB E-learning course is an easy-to-use, interactive online program designed to get you to grips with the basics, or expand your knowledge if you’re more experienced.

The updated course, designed by MSF’s Southern African Medical Unit (SAMU), is free and open to anyone with an interest in these two major diseases.


About the HIV/TB E-learning course
The course consists of four core modules, HIV overview, antiretroviral treatment (ART), prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) and TB, all of which can be studied online or downloaded as individual modules to study offline.

The updated version now fully incorporates the latest 2018 WHO guidelines and is closely aligned to the recently launched 2018 MSF HIV/TB guide, to give a more comprehensive understanding of these diseases, while working through the course.

The estimated study time for all four modules is 30-40 hours and can be studied in the participant’s own time. 

The course is currently available in English, with the French version scheduled for launch by mid-2019.

Who is the e-learning course for?
While this free online course has been designed specifically for clinical staff (including doctors, clinical officers, medical assistants and nurses), it is also understandable for those without a medical background.  

The step-by-step format, interspersed with quizzes in each section, allows for a gradual learning experience from the most basic facts to more complicated diagnoses.

How to enrol?
Participants can enrol via the SAMU website or the MSF e-campus.