In the last two years, the concept of ‘advanced HIV disease’ has evolved rapidly with a huge drive by assorted international bodies, including WHO, to define concepts and implement strategies that address patients presenting with CD4 counts below 200 or those presenting with new stage three or four diseases. It is being increasingly noted that many of these patients have already been on ART before and are often failing their existing treatment.

The ‘MSF HIV/TB guideline – Hospital Level’ - updated in February 2018 - contains clear, practical guidelines to help the hospital clinician quickly identify and manage the common conditions with which sick HIV positive patients are referred to emergency units and wards in hospitals, especially those with minimal resources.

Hospital Level
MSF HIV/TB Guide for Hospital Level
February 2018
Niveau Hopital
Guide MSF VIH/TB: Niveau hôpital
Février 2018
Hospital level PT
Guião MSF HIVTB Nivel Hospitalar
Fevereiro 2018