This Manual is primarily intended for nonsurgical, qualified providers and for trainers who are involved in the provision of male circumcision services for HIV prevention and other health benefits in East and Southern Africa. In this Manual, the description of techniques was written targeting the skills of this midlevel provider. A secondary audience for use of this Manual may be providers, globally, who undertake medical male circumcision procedures on males with normal anatomy and without contraindications—that is, primarily for reasons other than HIV prevention.

A major objective of this Manual is to support male circumcision clinics and providers in providing high-quality services and reducing the risk of adverse events to as low a level as possible. The Manual has a special emphasis on preventing the rare but serious life-threatening adverse events related to bleeding, infection (including tetanus) and anaesthesia.

WHO Circumcision and Prevention
WHO Manual for Male Circumcision and HIV Prevention for Men and Boys