Comprehensive March 2021 update section now added to the pdf version of the book, incorporating all relevant WHO updates since this version was first published at the end of 2018.
Each section of the book that has been updated is clearly identified by light orange shading and an “Updated” icon which, when clicked, takes the reader directly via a hyperlink to the relevant update.

What’s new in this 2018 guide?

  • Primary care focus: With the release of MSF’s HIV/TB Clinical Guide for hospital level care (2018), this updated guide now caters exclusively for the clinician working in primary care settings. 
  • Expanded content:  The updated guide has grown from 15 to 26 chapters to cover a wider range of organ-specific HIV-related illnesses as well the key areas of antibiotic resistance, malnutrition and weight loss, patient support and HIV/TB/SRH care for key populations.  
  • E-learning course collaboration: This guide is the essential reading accompaniment to MSF’s basic e-learning course, the new, upgraded edition was launched in January 2019, and the French version will be available during the 4th quarter of 2019. For the chapters covered in the course, (1-7, 9 and 12) there is extensive cross-referencing between the book and the elearning course.
  • Additional resources available on the SAMU website: More information on most topics covered in the book can be accessed in the “additional resources” folder on this site. In addition, the pdf version of the guide provides more rapid access to various sites via hyperlinks.
  • Feedback from users regarding content suggestions as well as errors is welcomed, using the email,
Clinical Guide 2018
MSF HIV/TB Clinical Guide for Primary Care
December 2018
Comprehensive March 2021 update now included
Clinical Guide 2018 FR
Manuel clinique MSF VIHTB pour les soins de santé primaires
Décembre 2018
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2021 Mise à jour complète à la fin de ce livre Deuxième trimestre