• Course information

    Place of training
    Anywhere with internet access
    Approx. 35 hours
    Number of participants
    Unlimited as there is individual access
    English and French
    Target group
    MSF and MoH clinical staff with little or no HIV knowledge/experience

    Please send an email to samu.elearning@joburg.msf.org in collaboration with your local project managers. For issues with enrollment, please contact: ecampusadmin@barcelona.msf.org

  • Background

    This course, developed in partnership with MSF Canada, is currently available as a stand-alone training to anyone for their own self-study. As there is no hands-on exposure to actual patients it must be understood that, on completion, the participant with no prior HIV experience will not be equipped to consult independently in an HIV/TB clinic. Clinical exposure, ideally in the form of supervised consultations in a TB/HIV clinic, is an essential prerequisite for equipping the participants with the skills necessary for independent consulting.

    By offering a web-based training:

    • We contribute to greater access to training opportunities for all staff – in the field or between missions, MSF or MoH and at any learning level.
    • We offer the opportunity for anyone with internet access and a computer to follow the training in their own time
    • We provide training resources that can be used as a prerequisite or as support for other MSF trainings with an HIV/TB component.

    Target Group:

    • MSF and MoH clinical staff with little or no HIV knowledge/experience, who are planning to work in a setting where they will be providing clinical care to HIV positive patients. This can include doctors, clinical officers, physician assistants and nurses.
    • It is currently available in English and in French.
  • Objectives

    General Objective:

    • This basic HIV & TB clinical e-training, contributes to providing quality HIV and TB care within a resource-limited context

    Specific Learning Objective:

    • At the end of the training, participants will have acquired the theoretical knowledge to engage, under supervision, in the diagnosis and management of common HIV/TB conditions encountered in primary care settings, using current evidence-based medicine within a resource limited context.
  • Content

    HIV Overview module

    Unit 1:
    HIV History and Epidemiology
    Unit 2:
    Natural evolution of HIV

    ART Module (English or French)

    Unit 1:
    Introduction to ART
    Unit 2:
    Eligibility and Choosing 1st line regimen
    Unit 3:
    Part 1: ART side-effects
    Part 2: Approach to possible ART side-effects
    Part 3: Side-effect practice
    Unit 4: 
    Monitoring the patient on ART – parts 1&2
    Unit 5: Managing the patient with a high viral load – parts 1-3
    Unit 6:
    Drug interactions in HIV/TB

    PMTCT Module (English or French)

    Unit 1:
    Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission
    Unit 2:
    HIV Counselling and Testing in PMTCT
    Unit 3:
    Providing ARVs to Pregnant and Breastfeeding Mothers
    Unit 4:
    Care of the Exposed Baby

      TB Module (English or French)

      Unit 1:
      TB Overview
      Unit 2:
      Part 1: TB the most common cause of
      morbidity and mortality in PLHIV
      Part 2: Diagnosing TB in PLHIV
      Part 3: Improving TB diagnosis and your setting
      Unit 3:
      Reducing the burden of TB in PLHIV
      Unit 4:
      Part 1: TB Treatment
      Part 2: Treatment Challenges and MonitoringTreatment
      Unit 5:
      Part 1: Diagnosis of DR-TB
      Part 2: MDR-TB Treatment, Challenges and Monitoring
      Unit 6:
      Preventing TB infection and development of active TB
      Unit 7:
      TB in children


















    Pedagogic Approach

    This e-training involves approximately 35 hours of self-directed, computer-based theoretical learning.

    Designed to accompany the MSF HIV/TB Clinical Guide, it includes explanations of the key concepts, video lectures, on-screen exercises and learning activities, supplementary documents, tools and references and patient case histories.

    The course can be done entirely on-line but is also available as a once-off downloadable file that can be worked at off-line. Limited internet access is required merely for submitting quizzes and evaluations at the completion of modules

  • How to enrol

    How to Enroll

    Please send an email to samu.elearning@joburg.msf.org in collaboration with your local project managers. You will then receive an automatic reply with more details on the enrollment process.

    This training is hosted on the OCBA E-Campus, so all issues with enrollment are managed by the E-Campus - if you have any problems with the enrollment process, please contact ecampusadmin@barcelona.msf.org for help.

    There are two different ways to complete the course, depending on your internet capability:

    • Option 1: Directly online. This is the best way to do it as it accesses links to other documents as well as the quizzes and certification process
    • Option 2: Via a once-off download of the whole course. Quizzes and certification need to be completed online at the end of each module but require limited bandwidth to do so.You will be able to do the once-off download by clicking on the download option at the beginning of each module once you have enrolled.