SAMU Learning Unit: Our Vision

The vision for education of SAMU’s learning unit has been substantially remolded by two significant developments during 2020. Firstly, towards the end of 2019, before the covid-19 pandemic struck, in a collaboration between each OC’s medical directors and the heads of the L&D units, a new initiative was launched (see full text at the end). SAMU’s L&D unit is entirely in support of this initiative and will continue to adapt its training approaches to align with their vision. Secondly, the covid-19 pandemic has pushed global communication into more effective use of online media and, with this, has come an appreciation of how this can be harnessed for improved approaches to education. 

Core elements of SAMU’s new vision for learning and development in 2022

  • Where budgetary constraints allow, our current face-to-face trainings will be developed into evidence-based formats for online delivery 
  • Trainings will be spread over much longer time periods, firstly to accommodate the different learning process required for online study and secondly, to allow for more effective integration of learning into the working life of the participants
  • There will be greater incorporation of field-based assignments that give participants opportunity to apply their learning directly to their workplace. In addition, the assessment of these assignments by the trainers will provide two additional benefits; firstly, the trainers will have more valid evidence of both learning and behaviour change in the workplace and secondly, feedback by the trainer to the trainee on the assignment will further add to the quality of the learning experience 
  • Local managers will be drawn into engagement with the trainees, with the intention of shifting the general approach to learning towards an ongoing process in the workplace, replacing the traditional understanding of training being a one-off learning experience in the classroom after which new competencies are assumed.  
  • Assessment of learning will play an increasing role in educational initiatives, shifting the focus towards certificates of competence being issued after a training initiative rather than just certificates of completion

The statement released by the dirmed/L&D collaborative in November 2019. Please see below Call to Action - A New Approach to Learning for MSF.

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