In this menu item we usually provide a comprehensive list of our training plans for the year, including both on- and off-site trainings for all the different target groups. This includes learning opportunities for:

    • clinicians working with HIV and managers running projects involving HIV
    • program managers and clinicians dealing with DR TB
    • those involved with monitoring and evaluation
    • those involved with patient support, education and training (PSEC)
    • those who wish to improve their teaching skills 
Due to the ongoing restrictions on travel imposed by the pandemic we are still unable to offer a defined calendar of training offers. However, much work is going on behind the scenes as we make plans to convert these to a format that makes similar learning possible online. There is some really good news in this process as we have learnt many lessons about general communication as well as teaching and learning in the online space during the pandemic. Emerging from this, our teaching and learning offers are paradoxically going to result in learning moving closer to the actual workplace, the very place where educational research has shown that the most effective learning occurs. 

Much work has been done in this area, both in SAMU and in the L&D departments in the wider MSF movement, with whom we continue to network. For more detail on how we are planning and developing our training offers, please have a look at, “Our Vision for the future"